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        Gamification is the idea of applying the most motivational aspects of games to other industries. In our case, education. Many students will try again and again to overcome a challenge in a game simply to reach the next level or obtain an item. Research has shown that gaming concepts, like intrinsic motivation, self-taught exploration, and learning through failure, have transferred to the classroom with great success. However, a key part of this success is that the learning is student-driven.

         Learning to take initiative in schoolwork, attack each assignment with excitement, creativity, and effort in order to overcome challenges with their own curiosity and resilience builds independent learners. With the support of families in gamification and the encouragement of their child's ability to put the keys of problem based learning into action, we can work as a team to help these young learners reach their full potential.

Our class is designed to be challenging. Students will be asked to complete work that will require time, them to explore, attempt, fail, and refine their answers. There will be great success, but it will not come without failure from time to time. As adults, we understand that in the struggle is where real learning takes place.

          In reality, children are the players in the game of school. We, as adults, seek to engage them. To challenge them. To encourage them to explore, fail, and to try again until they succeed. They, as learners, have to work hard, seek out the information that they need to succeed, and apply it to do amazing things. We hope that you will encourage them to explore, attempt, and refine this year as we embark on this exciting new journey.

Power Ups are the rewards in Class. They are collectible cards that allow students to impact the class in various ways. Each student will be allowed to have 9 cards at any given time. We will be introducing new cards with each unit. You will receive cards for...

  • As a reward for achieving something in class.

  • Completing secret quests.

  • As you gain levels on the leaderboard you will earn 1 card.

Below are some examples of Power Up cards.

Learning from My Mistakes.png

Power Ups ( Coming Soon)

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